Chase City Employee Wins National Achievement Award

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Congratulations to Melissa Price, Activities Director, who won the 2015 Assistant Program Director Award at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference.

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What are the qualifications for an Assistant Program Director award?

Outstanding support for the Program Drector while keeping the vision of excellence alive.

Melissa Price is infectious (in a great way!); she embodies the spirit of the Service Excellence Initiative. Ms. Price has served the patients/residents and staff of Chase City as the CPC since the implementation of the initiative. At times, even when she has been confronted with staff morale challenges, she remains effervescent and supportive of every service excellence effort. Melissa was nominated by then center Administrator, Lori Imler, who stated: “when I joined the team in 2014 Melissa introduced me to the SEI and provided me with a foundation on which to strengthen our team.”

The HealthCare Summit Awards are a North American wide recognition program established and managed by the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

What is Service Excellence?

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