Celebrating Our Staff During National Occupational Therapy Month 2015

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Chase City Health & Rehab Center is proud of our OT team and wishes to thank them for their service and dedication to our patients. We would like to dedicate this poem in recognition of their work.


The day starts out by fabricating a splint, a cast or two,

No, not for broken bones or even the slightest thank you.


Next comes a slew of folks who cannot walk or talk,

We help manage their care and teach them to don a sock.


Folks come from far away and from many different states,

In order to receive a ten page developmental OT evaluation.


OTs assess strength, fine and visual motor skills,

We try to improve a person’s life sans dozens of pills.


Then there is the nursing home with folks with different level of care,

They have broken bones, injuries, and tumors that are extremely rare.


We splint and teach positioning to the nurses and the CNA’s,

Thinking about long-term and the ability one day to stack blocks.


The heartbreaking stories can be overwhelming yet are sadly part of the job,

At times I have caved and let out a hidden silent sob.


We write novels for notes and countless medical necessity letters,

To help folks get equipment that will hopefully make their life better.


OTs are creative, compassionate, and quick to think on their feet,

They know when to be stern and know when to be sweet.


Not many people know about this semi-secret profession,

But now you are not one of them thanks to my silly poetic confession.


We are so appreciative and thankful for everything our Occupational Therapists do for our residents, patients, staff and families.